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why? how dumb are they? isn't that dumb? you all agree, right? dumb. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. here's greta. see you tomorrow night. tonight, president obama might want to call his act ing irs director because even he says he doesn't want obama care. >> this is not a hearing. this is a battle. >> no matter what our colleagues try to say to whisk this issue away, the government was intimidating people and targeting them based upon their political views. that's not phony. that's real. >> for two months we've heard nonstop complaints against them being corrupt and incompetent. despite that, the only politically motivated act was the republicans request that the i.g. focus only on the treatment of conservative groups. >> i think for a federal employee, i think more likely --
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and i can speak for myself -- i'd prefer to stay with the current policy i'm pleased with rather than go through a change if i don't need to go through that change. >> did i not read the blog post properly that the employer mandate was delayed? >> there's what we're calling the transition relief period. in that case -- >> which means it's delayed for a year? >> yes. >> you assured us that the irs, despite the significant abuse of power we're already investigating, that the irs has never shared private taxpayer information with other federal agencies. i'm looking at an e-mail from 2008 where lois lerner did exactly that. >> what is it that animates the hope in you that you're not going to have the same problems in implementing the affordable that clearly cms has demonstrated it has all kinds of difficulty on medicare. >> congressman, i see absolutely no connection between the fraudulent payment rate in medicare and the work i'm doing. none.
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>> is that it? >> well, the end of congressional hearing does not end the grilling. our griff jenkins trying to get more answers out of danny werfel. >> mr. commissioner, quick question. fox news, can we ask you a question about your speech you gave? you talked about the challenging issues. the trust in the american people, can you comment on the latest of what you claim to do to restore that faith and trust? >> that's a question i'd like to take a longer time to answer. i just answered questions for three hours. i have pressing appointments back at the irs. >> you talked about the challenges. would you describe them in any way as phony. the abuse that happened, was that in any way in your mind phony? >> i just went through through hours worth of questions.
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i'd rather spend more time answering these questions. i don't have the time to get into all these issues. >> what about the issues with lois lerner, do you have concern about that and her influence. >> again, i've answered a bunch of questions. right now i have to get back to the office. >> do you think that helps to restore the confidence that you're trying to bring to the -- mr. werfel? >> we released communications between the s.e.c. and the irs we can see? >> one thing the acting irs chief did admit today, he doesn't want obama care for himself. now, he is in charge of the agency helping to implement obama care, but he doesn't want it. what do lawmakers think of that shocker? ways and means committee member peter ross joins us now. >> thank you, greta. >> were you surprised that the irs acting chief doesn't want obama care? he'd prefer not to have it. >> i was very surprised. here it was sam johnson, congressman from texas who posed a simple question and why is it that the union representing the
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treasury employees are trying to get out from under obama care. why is it that they're afraid of this when they're given the task of implementing it. the irs commissioner was actually very frank. he said look, i like the coverage i have. i don't want to go into the exchange. that's exactly what he said. there's no other way to characterize had. >> the coverage that he's not particularly fond of, the obama care, do members of congress have obama care, will they have it and whether their staff have it? >> members of congress and their staff are in obama care. they're in the exchange. >> at least they're taken care of. >> right. >> in terms of -- what did you want today? why was he testifying today? >> we had two people who were testifying. one is mr. cohen in charge of the implementation at cms, at health and human services and the other was werfel who we've heard from before, the acting director of the irs. in terms of cms, look, they have a fraud rate of about 8% on medicare payments and the
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question that i posed to him is, you're blowing about $40 billion to $50 billion a year on medicare fraud. what is it that you think you're doing so well on the irs side as it relates to obama care? and he said there's absolute ly no relationship between the two. in other words, it's hey, look at the shiny object. don't worry about our past conduct, don't worry about the past fraud rate, just let's concentrate on the future. it was an absurd assertion that doesn't stand any real scrutiny. >> it's funny you say that. i got a tweet from an airman colfax. he's on twitter following me. he said if the government can't handle 900,000 cases of vets, the backlog on the vets, how will they process 316 million with obama care? it's a complete disaster. >> it's a complete disaster. they won't. the predictions are very dire. they haven't done the work. at best, you know, they were sort of arguing in the alternative today.
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at one point, they said, well, the delay on the employer mandate is a very little thing. it's de minimis basically. if it's such a little thing, why isn't -- they've had three years to correct this and get it all squared away. why can't they make this right in three years? >> what's the explanation for why the president -- i should say july 2nd too. he did it right before the fourth of july. what is the explanation for why the administration is delaying the employer mandate? >> they're not ready. they're overwhelmed. they can't figure out how to sync this up with the private sector. the private sector has come to the administration and said, you can't do this. now, the thread in how this is all connected is if you've got no ability to know who is in and who is out in terms of employer coverage, then you don't know who gets the subsidies and paul ryan posed a question, what happens if you give a subsidy to someone, then under the law you are compelled, the irs is compelled to claw that back. in other words, somebody innocently claims benefits and
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the irs at some point in the future under the law has to claw that back. >> did you get all your questions answered by werfel today? >> not for a second. >> is it that you didn't have time, or he was dodging? >> the time limitations are fairly strict. you've got five minutes and you have to be very clear and highly coordinated with other members. >> did you walk away thinking the facting chief thought we're totally on top of this, the irs will do this, there will be no problems or glitches? >> no. there's no level of confidence that they were communicating. >> did you think he had -- i know you're not confident, but did you think he was confident he was ready? >> they were putting a game face on. i'll give that to them. congress has had the game face presentations from the administration in the past. in other words, they have been asked these questions or are you ready and these very declarative assertions, greta, oh, yeah, we're ready. it's game on. no problem. and this sort of dismissive sub text of how nice for you to be inquiring but we've got it all
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under control and lo and behold you learn the employer mandate is not ready. what else isn't ready? >> did they specifically say they'll be ready for the employer mandate. because they seemingly admitted they won't be. >> no, they didn't. they wanted to talk about other elements of obama care. but they were -- >> i mean, going -- july 2nd when we learned the employer mandate would be postponed a year, were you surprised? was that something different than what the administration had been saying about the employer mandate? >> absolutely. the other component is, they were directly asked, you have information about these rates that have now been -- you're discussing them with the carriers. are these rates, can you guarantee that these rates are going down $2500 a family? crickets. no answer. no direct response. well, you know, hedging and nonsense. >> congressman, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. president obama says the irs scandal is phony. what does the acting irs chief was what does the acting irs chief have to say about that? is the irs scandal phony? >> would you describe the
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challenges in any way as phony? the abuse, the targeting that happened, is that in your mind phony in any way? >> again, i just went through three hours worth of questions. i'd rather spend more time exploring these questions. i don't have the time to get into all these issues. >> congressman trey gowdy joins us. how are you? >> good. >> apparently nobody asked him if it was phony in three hours. >> it would have been -- it was a fair question for a reporter to ask. it would have been fair for my colleagues to ask. they only get five minutes and the questioning i saw in the committee was skillful and well done. it's a fair question because it's the sixth iteration of their defense. i mean, you were highly skilled defense attorney. usually you're not successful in front of a jury when you're on your sixth different defense. if this keeps up, they're going to have to apologize to the menendez brothers. i mean, the menendez brothers'
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defense is better than phony scandal. you've got democrats co-signing letters asking for documents. think back a couple of weeks ago. the democrats were just as outraged as we were. and now, all of a sudden, don't pay any attention to this, it's phony. there's nothing phony about your fellow citizens fearing the agency that is going to be involved with implementing the affordable care act. >> just for the historic reference for those who don't know the menendez, they killed their parents and threw themselves on the mercy of the court for being orphans. >> it was not a successful defense. >> it was not a successful defense at all. let me turn to the other scandal that's sort of looped into this whole thing about being phony. that's benghazi. the president has said the scandals are phony. i think he said they're distractions. we're now learning today, cnn has a new report that the cia operatives who were on the ground are being intimidated by their seniors not to talk.
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>> greta, we are not going to let go of benghazi until i can answer the same three questions that have been lingering for almost 11 months now. the seminal question being why did we not respond during siege? lay the talking points aside, the security breach. let's focus on the siege itself. we're going to talk to people who have firsthand information. i would prefer not to go to benghazi with jason chaffetz to get the answers. it seems the media is not having difficulty talking to eyewitnesses. i wonder why the fbi is. >> i mean, the fbi -- why -- the fbi, there's so many instances where the fbi could have seized things. the reporters were there and seized things. whether it was information that reporters found in late october, found documents in supposedly a secure area in benghazi. the fbi had been there and hadn't seized them. and now a report that a cnn correspondent was able to locate someone who is a possible suspect. what's wrong with the fbi in this one?
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>> i honestly don't know. i worked with them for 16 years, i had a great respect for them as an agency. i consider them the premiere law enforcement agency in the world. but i watched your show last night. i listened to a bureau agent defend the practice of not interviewing someone after 11 months. that is indefensible. and then not securing the crime scene is indefensible. it's been 11 months. the president said he would bring every resource we had to identify and bring to justice the people who are responsible. can you name a single person who has been brought to justice because of benghazi? >> if it's phony and the president is annoyed for us -- particularly fox news -- for pursuing it, now is his chance to tell us. give us the names of the survivors and let us interview them. if the president is right, the administration is right, it's phony or distraction, just getting the facts out will show it. he's the one blocking it. we can't find the survivors.
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i'd love to interview the survivors. but the administration is doing everything it can to hide them. they're dispersing them around the country. of course, the cnn report shows that even cia operatives who were there are getting intimidated from above. >> including changing names, creating aliases. you stop and think what things are calculated to get at the truth. talk to people with firsthand knowledge. what creates the appearance or perhaps the reality of a cover-up. not letting us talk to people who have the most amount of information, dispersing them throughout the country and changing their names. >> how can people not be suspicious about that? i would think every journalist in the country would say -- like what's this? even the video thing was silly enough >> because you have the spokesperson for the leader of the free world saying benghazi happened a long time ago. you've got the president saying it's a phony scandal when you've got four murdered americans. >> we're still looking for jimmy hoffa, that was what, 1975. the american people still want to know what happened there. this is only last september.
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>> the american people have an insatiable desire for justice. and i tell you. if it takes ten years, i did a murder case that took ten years to solve. ten years from the time of the murder to the prosecution. it better not take ten years. it better not take ten years. but it's already taken 11 months. >> it would help if the president weren't standing in the way of trying to get the facts. the problem is, on this investigation, he could be on the team looking for the facts. >> it would be helpful if he showed the same amount of firm and vigor about prosecuting and investigating this case as he does things that are not within his job description. he is the commander in chief. he should be more concerned with bringing to justice people who killed four americans that he sent. he sent them there. he is more interested at times in pop culture than he is what happened in benghazi. >> congressman gowdy. nice to see you. just as a side note, people
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should go to we did a google hangout interview with the congressman post in there. thanks. >> yes, ma'am. new tonight, president obama is nominating a new irs commissioner. who is it? and what can we expect? the weekly standards john mccormick joins us. nice to see you. >> nice to see you, greta. >> who is the lucky man or woman who's getting the hot seat head of the irs? >> john kosgetig he has a lot of experience in the private sector and the government. he's touted as a turn around artist. it's interesting that president obama said he is someone you can count on to restructure an agency that's in trouble. or put someone in place who needs new checks and balances. on the one hand, the president says they're phony scandals. on the other hand, he appointed someone to put new checks and balances in there. is it a phony scandal or does he need restructuring and a turn around in the irs? >> you agree this is a lousy job, would you agree, being head of the irs at this point? >> it can't be very fun. this gentleman, the appointee has worked at freddie mac, been the deputy mayor in the district of columbia.
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he's had some tough jobs in the past. he's touted as a turn around artist. there isn't much evidence that he's turned things around. >> is there any indication that in terms of a turn around artist, one of the first things he'll do is order his employees to cooperate fully. i don't know if you've seen some of the redacted documents that got sent to capitol hill in response to questions about the irs. they're black pages that they sent. does he seem appalled at that? >> we don't know much about him yet. one troubling sign is he seems to be a loyal democrat. he's given tens of thousands of dollars to political candidates over the years. not donated much to republicans. it raises the question as to whether or not at this moment you want someone with the partisan allegiances there when the irs is accused of partisanship and targeting political opponents. that definitely raises some questions. president obama didn't even notify the top republican on the senate finance committee who will have to approve this
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gentleman to be appointed and confirmed. >> is that protocol? this is the president's choice. the president could choose whoever he wants. it's his choice. it's his job. is it sort of protocol, the senator orrin hatch would be the one -- would it be a courtesy call. >> he says he'll have an open mind. but he was frustrated he wasn't given a heads-up, didn't have a chance to look at the nominee before he was officially nominated. >> i get the thing that people are curious that he'll get tough to ferret out all the problems in the irs. it really was dishonest to say there was a couple of rogue people in cincinnati. it was dishonest to have that little routine they had where lois lerner faked the question two days before the report came out to try to cover up. there's been a lot of crummy stuff. i mean, we need someone who wants to go for the facts. >> i'm not sure you would put somebody who donated so much money. there are plenty of people there. >> i'll give him a pass on that. i'm more interested in whether
10:18 pm
he is committed to making sure that we get the facts. >> we don't know that yet. that will be found out committee hearings in the months to come. >> that will be interesting. always nice to see you. straight ahead, new evidence the government's free cell phone program is flooded with fraud. how easy it is to get a free government phone that you're not entitled to? one reporter put it to the test. she's here. also tea partiers have a brand new plan. find out what it is. jim demint is here to go on the record. plus, she says she spent 11 years in hell. one of the women held captive, you'll hear from her and from the monster himself coming up. just hunting... it's a way of life. celebrate it now at bass pro shops' fall hunting classic. our biggest show and sale of the year starts this weekend with big savings and free hunting seminars
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how easy is it to get a free cell phone from the government? the free phones are supposed to go to people who are very poor. one reporter set out to see how easy it is to abuse the lifeline program and stick you, yes you, with the phone bills to pay for it. the national review's jillian melcher is here to talk about it. >> good evening. >> were you able to get a free phone? >> not only that. i was able to get three. i'm not eligible for any of them. >> how were you able to get them so easily? >> i think pretty much anywhere that you can get food stamps, they have vendors out on the street who are approaching you and saying do you have a free phone yet? and so i say no or when i did have one i said yes. and they would ask you whether you were on welfare of any kind. i said nope but i'd sure like to be. that got me signed up. they pulled out their tablet and put in my home address.
10:23 pm
i got three of the eight applications i put in. >> were you deceitful in terms of answering the questions? >> i wasn't. i told the whole truth. i mean, when i got one phone in the mail, fcc rules are you can only have one phone per household. i got one phone and i told them about it. i had vendors telling me don't worry, it's okay. you can have one phone from every single vendor participating? the program. and it turned out that's just not true. >> where did you go for this? what are hotspots to get the free phones? >> if you go to the welfare offices in new york city. i went to the food stamp offices. they have vendors outside usually from the two companies safe link and assurance. >> i understand you have them. so can we see what they look like? >> this is my safe link phone. still active. and then these two here are my assurance phones. >> what does that me? >> that's a different provider. >> i see.
10:24 pm
>> those two are from assurance. i deactivated them today. i didn't want to take advantage of the taxpayer. >> when i get my phone bill, i'm actually taxed to pay your three phones, right? >> you are. you'll see it at the bottom of your phone bill. it's a universal service fund. >> what does it say on the bill, universal service fund? >> i think it's usually $2.50. and that goes to fund it. it's really taxpayers paying for this program. since they included cell phones in it in 2008. costs have soared. it's up to $2.1 billion a year. that's incredible considering as early as 2008 it was $822 million. >> well, it's a program that started back in 1994 -- 1984, 85 i think. now, as of june 13, it's over 13.4 million of those phones. >> yes, it's an incredible amount. i think, what you've got here is cell phone companies that have every incentive to hand them out. they're literally getting free money from the federal government which means free money from the taxpayer. they're also -- they're in the business of cell phones. they're not in the business of checking whether or not i'm on
10:25 pm
welfare. to the extent that the government is not supposed to be in the cell phone business, cell phone companies aren't in the welfare business, but once you do that, you see a lot of people signing up and many shouldn't have them. >> did you know before you started down this investigative project, did you know what that $2.50 charge was on your bill at all? >> i didn't. i'm glad i know now. it kind of makes me mad but it's crazy that i was able to get them. >> and the estimate is how much in fraud a year? >> i'm not sure on fraud. i know there is an audit a while ago that said about 41% hadn't been verified as eligible and hadn't confirmed. but i don't know what that adds up to in numbers. >> jillian, thank you. >> thanks. now to tonight's first hot button issue on do you feel cheated by the lifeline phone program? vote yes because no one asked me if i wanted to pay into it or no, it's a good idea for poor people.
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go to and vote in our poll. coming up, new trouble for the democratic party. their biggest supporters, the major unions, are not happy. unions have big problems with president obama and they are demanding congress take action. the latest is next. a newspaper editor prints the headline, take your jobs plan and shove it, mr. president. so what just happened to that editor? well, he's here to tell you his story coming up. well, he's here story coming up. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪ to prove the skeptics wrong. hi. are you karen? [ karen ] yes, i am
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no, no, no! stop! humans. one day we're coming up with the theory of relativity, the next... not so much. but that's okay -- you're covered with great ideas like optional better car replacement from liberty mutual insurance. total your car and we give you the money to buy one a model year newer. learn about it at liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? party groups are going to do? heritage foundation president, former senator jim demint is here to give you the latest. on what he's doing and it does include some members of the tea party. >> yes, it does. >> what is your plan? what are you doing? >> the lead on this is our sister organization, heritage action. we're doing town halls all over the country. they've invited me and others to participate in that. heritage has strong positions on
10:30 pm
trying to stop obama care so that americans can know that in the future they'll have affordable high quality health care. we're going to talk to people all over the country. try to get them engaged with what's going on up here. because this is really the last chance for congress to stop obama care. >> now, as i understand it, people like senator ted cruz is involved? >> he's certainly been invited. i think he'll be at a number of the stops. i saur -- saw about 20 of them on my calendar. >> are they town halls? >> they're town halls, rallies. a lot of roundtable discussions with peep. a lot of state reps want to meet with us about national, as well as state issues. so i've been doing this for six months. but this is just more intense and more cities in a row. >> as i also understand it, correct me if i'm wrong, you want to defund obama care even at the cost of perhaps shutting down the government in the fall when we have this argument over a continued resolution. you're willing to shut down
10:31 pm
the government over the issue of defunding obama care. >> not funding obama care has nothing to do with shutting down the government. >> this is the one vehicle being used. >> but the president will use that to threaten. he'll use that anyway. we have a debt ceiling coming up. we have a resolution to fund the government. he wants more spending more taxes from corporate tax reform. so to say we can't take the fund away from obama care or the president will shut the government down -- >> he's going to say the republicans are shutting it down. depends who you talk to. >> greta, if the house passes a bill that funds the government but excludes obama care and there's a lot of reasons to do that, a lot of people worried about it, it's going to raise the cost of health care. but the president's even delayed a large part of it for a year. so taking the funding out of it is something, if republicans have been talking about this for three years, if they mean what they say, if they're honest about it, they won't fund this program. >> and so if they don't fund the program, will the government get shut down?
10:32 pm
>> i know obama will threaten to shut the government down. >> how does it -- tell me how it plays out. >> we know over half of americans want obama care stopped. we've looked at a lot of data. we've talked to thousands of people about this. so the more they find out about how it's going to affect them personally, the larger those numbers get. this is the last chance before full implementation begins in october to stop it. republicans have had a number of opportunities to not fund it. but they have because of the threat of a shutdown. i think the stakes are so high with obama care that the results are going to be so devastating to our economy, to jobs, to health care that it's certainly worth the republicans drawing a line in the sand and saying, we're not going to fund it for this year. just stand on that principle. folks say you can't win, the president will stare you down. the question is who believes more in their philosophy.
10:33 pm
the president or the republicans? >> look in the tea leaves. what do you predict is the likely path that it will follow? >> it really depends if republicans are willing to stand for what they're -- >> republicans in the house and republicans in the minority of the senate. >> right. but the house is the player. they initiate the funding. if the house passed a bill that funded the government but did not fund obama care, then the president is going to have to talk about -- he's going to shut the government down because he wants funding for his program that is very unpopular and unworkable. i'm not saying it would be easy, greta. but the fact is, there's not a republican in the house or senate who voted for obama care. almost all of them campaigned that they would fight and get everything they could to stop it. this is the opportunity to do it. they just have to decide, are they going to be relevant or cave in again. i just think -- i just was in london a few weeks ago.
10:34 pm
their health care system, all the newspapers talk about how many people are being killed in the hospital. the largest government union is health care. it just goes in so many negative directions. this is worth fighting for. americans deserve better. >> i mean, a lot of people surprising people. the next guest will talk about that. people sort of turning sour on obama care. we'll see what happens. >> they really are. >> i thank you. >> greta, thanks. and as we noted. the major labor unions are now changing their tune, at least some of them and blasting obama care in a letter to democratic grgs gnat leaders, three union leaders saying obama care will destroy the foundation of the 40-hour workweek. that is the backbone of the american middle class. fox business network's liz mcdonald joins us. nice to see you, liz. >> same here, greta. >> what's happened? suddenly the unions don't like obama care. these are the ones that went door-to-door to re-elect the president. >> that's right, greta. it's the teamsters union and other unions. they sent a letter to nancy
10:35 pm
pelosi and harry reid. about the middle of last month. they essentially said what you quoted. they also said that they believed in the vision of health reform. so much so that they went door to door, set up phone banks, they raised money for the president. they are saying now this vision is essentially turning into a nightmare. they're saying, you know what, we're not liking what we're seeing with health reform. it's basically unintended consequences. these reverse consequences. what we found when we looked, we found at the school worker level, that schools in states like pennsylvania, utah, we're looking at north carolina, nebraska, indiana. greta, the schools are dropping their workers to part-time status in order to save money under healthry form. we're talking about janitors, gym teachers, bus drivers, teachers aides. on long island, we heard, too, that there's talk of putting school workers even into the
10:36 pm
state health exchange. now, teachers are a big backer for health reform. go ahead, greta. >> that's what i don't get. in looking at this letter, one of the sentences in the letter, this is from the leaders of these unions, the teamsters. time is running out. congress wrote this law, we voted for you. we have a problem. you need to fix it and talks about unintended consequences. this is not a big surprise. did these leaders -- i'd be mad at the leaders if i were rank and file union. none of the things they're complaining about are huge surprises. any of them had paid any attention, whether you like it or don't like it, they're not surprises. >> that's right. >> like oh, no, we don't want it. what's with the leaders? they went -- they told the rank and file, this is a great thing. go door to door. >> that's right, greta. in fact, when the law was being drafted, there was concerns back in 2010 and even 2009 that workers would be dropped to part-time status in order to save money. also cities and counties and
10:37 pm
states like we found california and michigan, iowa, texas and kansas, cities and counties are also dropping their workers to part-time status in order to save money under health reform. we're talking about public works and parks and recreation. of course secretaries, administrators. >> that was all predicted by many. if you actually sort of sat down and thought about it, whether you're for health care or not, nothing is happening in health care from the time the union leaders pushed it on their rank and file and now. nothing has really changed except they've paid attention. >> but i'll tell you something, i don't think the white house would have anticipated that schools will be doing this. also city officials and county officials, meaning government workers who supported health reform. we have a lot of teachers supporting health reform. yeah, you're absolutely right, greta. i'm looking at the list now and looking at the maps and what i'm watching is, we're at the leading edge of what possibly could be a growing trend.
10:38 pm
what the unions are saying is that this is a backbone of the american middle class is that 40-hour workweek. you heard the push about raising the workweek from 30 hours to 40 hours. if you did that, the employers would drop you down to 39 hours and then you'd be working longer even -- and still getting no benefits. i don't think that's a fix. right, greta? >> well, while they're sending this letter off to senate majority leader harry reid and minority leader nancy pelosi in the house, i think that they probably should send a letter to the rank and file about explaining why they pushed this on the rank and file and suddenly now they don't like it. anyway, liz, thank you. >> sure, any time. coming up, ariel castro insisting he is not a monster. he has another description for himself. he will tell you. plus, there's also painful testimony from one of the women castro kidnapped and raped.
10:39 pm
that's next. in two minutes, a big day for nsa leaker edward snowden. he got asylum in russia and also something else. something that you would not expect. that's two minutes away. ♪ [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's four course seafood feast. choose youroup, salad, entree, plus dessert all ju $14.99. me into red lobster, and sea od differently. right now, go to for $10 off 2 select entrees. good monday through thsday. for $10 off 2 select entrees. could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. mmmhmmm...everybody knows that. well, did you know that old macdonald was a really bad speller? your word is...cow. cow. cow. c...o...w...
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10:41 pm
nsa leaker edward snowden getting more than asylum in russia. he also got a job offer. it's true. hours after russia granted snowden temporary asylum, russia's top local networking site offering him a place to work. it's the russian version of facebook and it says it would be happy to have snowden join its team of programmers. can snowden really go to work in russia now he's out of the moscow airport transit zone? according to lawyers, snowden's temporary asylum papers do allow him to work in russia. tonight, u.s. leaders are not happy with russia. the obama administration had asked moscow to send snowden back to the u.s. to face espionage charges. vladimir putin defying that request. a white house spokesperson suggesting a september u.s.
10:42 pm
russia summit in moscow may not take place. has president putin outsmarted president obama? yes or no? go to and vote in our poll. we're back in two minutes. ♪ [ male announcer ] a car that can actually see like a human using stereoscopic cameras... ♪ ...and ev stop itself if it has to. the technology may be hard to imagine... but why you would want it isot. ♪ the 2014 e-class, it doesn't just see the future, it is the future.
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and hone your skills at free seminars by top pro hunters. bass pro shops. your adventure starts here. life without parole plus 1,000 years. that is the sentence for ariel castro. the cleveland man who viciously held three young women captive for more than ten years. castro was convicted of 937 felonies, including kidnapping and repeatedly raping his victims. but during today's sentencing hearing, castro insisting he is not a monster. >>. [ inaudible ] this led me to viewing pornography. eventually, after i held jobs. i always worked.
10:45 pm
people trying to paint me as a monster. i'm not a monster. i'm sick. my sexual problem is so bad. eventually i married, had four children. lived a long life. but i still -- i -- i am not a violent predator. they're trying to make me look like a monster. i'm not a person. i'm a person. i am just sick. i have an addiction. just like an alcoholic has an addiction. alcoholics cannot control their addiction.
10:46 pm
that's why i couldn't control my addiction, your honor. most of the stuff that went on in the house was consensual. these allegations about being forceful on them, that is totally wrong. there were times that they would even ask me for sex. many times. and i learned they were not virgins. they had multiple partners before me. all three of them. i just want to apologize for everyone who was touched by -- but i do also want to let you know that there were times in that home i didn't do.
10:47 pm
i just hope that they find it in their hearts to forgive me and to maybe do research on people who have addictions. so they can see how their addiction takes over their lives. >> well, one of the women who escaped castro's house of horrors also speaking in court. here's michelle knight. >> ariel castro, i remember all the times that you came home talking about what everybody else did wrong and act you wasn't doing the same thing. you said at least i didn't kill. you took 11 years of my life away. and i have got it back. i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning. i will overcome all this that happened. you will be in hell for
10:48 pm
eternity. from this moment on i will not let you define me or who i am. you will live -- i will live on. you will die a little every day. as you think about the 11 years and atrocities you inflicted on us. what does god think of you hypocritically going to church every sunday, coming home to turture us. that's going to be penalty will be so much easier. you don't deserve that. you deserve to spend life in prison. i can forgive you but i will never forget. with the guidance of god, i will prevail and help others that suffered at the hands of others. >> a plea deal spared castro the death penalty. would you, though, have given him the death penalty if you had the chance?
10:49 pm
go to and vote yes or no to the death penalty. straight ate head, a newspaper editor printing the headline take your job plan and shove it, mr. president. now that editor is looking for a new job. he's here next. ♪ [ male announcer ] if you had a dollar, for every dollar car insurance companies say they'll save you by switching,
10:50 pm
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10:51 pm
10:52 pm
check out this newspaper headline. take your jobs plan and shove it, mr. president. now, that controversial headline appeared in a chattanooga times free press. tonight the editor who wrote it himself is looking for a new job.
10:53 pm
>> thanks for having me. >> what provoked that headline? >> well, what provoked the headline was the fact that president obama was speaking in chattanooga on tuesday and his policies failed americans. when it came time to write a headline for it, i thought of the johnny paycheck song "take that job and shove it." since his speech was about jobs plan, i thought it was a hats title. >> who fired you? >> i was fired by the editor of the paper. >> and had he not seen what was being put into the paper? is there any sort of review process? >> well, the way it works is it's very common for us to change headlines at the last second before something goes to publication. in this circumstance, i had a place holder headline, something that wasn't intended to be the actual headline for the piece. and so at the last second before it went to publication, i
10:54 pm
thought of that johnny paycheck song, threw that in there. the next day i had a meeting with the editor. she said that she was disappointed in the headline, that she thought it was crass and got a lot of complaints by obama supporters. and she was going to put in place a new protocol, a new policy, if i or anybody else changed a headline at the last minute, they had to run it by somebody. today i come in and told i'm fired for violating that policy that wasn't put into place until the day after i wrote the piece. >> so the policy she put in effect the day after the published piece, and you goat fired for it. >> so a retroactive firing. >> this is an opinion piece, right? this was never meant to be a factual. this was your opinion. on behalf of the paper or you? >> this is an editorial. it is basically hired to be the editorial page editor of one of
10:55 pm
the most conservative free market limited government editorial pages in america. and so obviously writing something like i did, something critical of obama's job plan is certainly in line with most of my readers and what i was supposed to do as a conservative page editor. >> so now you're looking for a new job. >> i am, yeah. and another job lost because of obama, right? >> well, there is that. anyway, good luck, sir, in your job search. >> thanks so much. i really appreciate it, greta. coming up, rush limbaugh opens up about life on and off the radio. rush gets personal next. with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease?
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boys and girls, llllet's get ready to bundlllllle... [ holding final syllable ] oh, yeah, sorry! let's get ready to bundle and save. now, that's progressive. oh, i think i broke my spleen! home insurance provided and serviced by third party insurers. rush limbaugh is going on the record part two and getting personal. >> you come here every day thinking i love this? >> yeah. even the night before. i leave here at 3:00 every day and chill for a few hours. then i'm back at it. >> doesn't it drive your wife nuts? >> yeah. it does a little bit, but she's busy too. she is -- we've got a bunch of joint projects going.
11:00 pm
>> well, you've never heard rush like this before. you'll hear much more right here tomorrow night. we're going one-on-one with rush limbaugh. part two of our evening. go to lots going on there. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five"." obama care exchanges will open for business two months from today and the administration is scrambling even though the bill was signed into law over 40 months ago. nobody seems to want a part of the bill including people in his own administration. today the head of the irs dedicated to much of the oversight said he doesn't want to participate. >> why

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